Eating Well

Here at Busy Bees our NHS accredited menus offer a wide range of diverse dishes, using fresh seasonal ingredients to help give your child the best start in life.

We take pride in our food credentials and what we serve children in nursery. All of our menus are nutritionally balanced, paying special attention to reducing salt and sugar.

We’re constantly evolving the way we create our menus and we regularly take on board feedback from children, parents and staff to help us develop dishes that meet the needs of many. Our current menus include many childhood favourites with a healthy twist, ensuring children receive the correct nutritional balance they need. Better yet why not try some of our recipes at home.

Our menus and recipes are carefully examined and externally accredited by nutritionists at NHS Startwell. To find out more about NHS Startwell please visit


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Food suppliers

At Busy Bees we use food suppliers with a proven track record of Food Safety, quality and service. We regularly assess our suppliers to make sure that these core values are upheld. We make it our duty to assess ingredients used, including potential allergens to ensure we cater for all types of dietary requirements and medical conditions. We also ensure that:

  • We do not use eggs from caged birds
  • We don’t serve fish from the Marine Conservation Society ‘fish to avoid’ list
  • Genetically modified ingredients are never used

Inspection of food premises

Nursery Managers, Chefs and our dedicated Compliance Team, conduct regular checks regarding our Food Safety standards in our kitchens. We are also inspected by Local Council Environmental Health Departments to ensure we meet all Food Safety Regulations.

Catering Team

Busy Bees has a dedicated Catering Team with over 35 years’ experience in catering in Early Years environments. The team have all worked as Chefs within our nurseries during that time and have experience in other areas within the wider catering industry which brings a wide range of knowledge and ideas to the food service we offer, this includes everything from, baby weaning to allergen support.